Prologue part 2

Alice needed to stand on her toes to reach the handle to open the door to her Grandfathers old study room. The door opened and she followed with it on her toes.
A dry air with the smell of old papers had inhabited the room. The desk was filled with countless of mountains of papers and as well was the floor. Along the left wall, stood several bookshelves holding hundreds of books, both old and new.
Alice ran over to the right wall and let her hand slide over the books’ spines. She had always wondered what was written on the spines but she still couldn’t read.
She had been angry at her grandfather several times as he had read books for her but she wanted to read them on her own.
She stopped at the end of the middle bookshelf and stretched out her hand to reach a red book with golden letters on the spine. Up on her toes but she could only touch the bottom of the spine. She looked around her and her face shone up then she saw an old chair of dark wood stand beside the door with a mountain of papers on the deep blue seat with golden pattern.
Slowly she started to lift down the papers in small piles from the paper mountain and placed them on the floor in an order that she could remember how to put them back later.
She turned around the chair, so its back was directed towards the bookshelves. Leaned it down and dragged it so only its back legs were touching the ground. Placed it under the red book and climb up on it and could with ease grab the books upper parts and lay it down on the spine on the shelf, push it in so it wasn’t pointing out from the other books.
Exactly the same way as she had seen her grandfather does once as she spied on him through the door. The shelf had moved away and opened a dark path that she didn’t have enough to courage to go down through, following her Grandpa.
A stair lead down a dark path way opened up as the shelf moved backwards and disappeared behind the shelf to the right. A cold draft flowed out of the path way and gave Alice chills.
“I will free Mr. Demon” She said to herself as words of courage.
She carefully started to go down the stair, it was pitch black. Her fear of darkness was overwhelming and she didn’t want anything more than turning around and run back to the study room. But she didn’t.
One step in the time, she slowly precedes deeper down and slowly it started to grow brighter.
The stair ended out in a room there a pillar of sunlight come down from a hole in the ceiling. In the middle of the pillar, were a small stone table and on the table a black urn with a wooden lid and covered with talismans stood.
“That is it” Alice shouted happily and run forth to the table. She went up on toe, so she could reach the urn and took it down. “Mr. Demon is you in there?” She asked and started to knock on the urn.
“Yes I am so could you stop knocking? I am getting a headache” The demon answered even quieter than he had talked earlier.
“What do I need to do now? Break the urn?” Alice asked excited.
“You just need to remove the lid as carefully as you can so you can place it back on so no one notice. You don’t want to get scold do you?”
Alice placed the urn on the ground and as carefully as she could, she took of the talismans that were holding the lid on its place, took of the lid all had been taken off. Smoke of several colors and with black letters in it started to flow out of the urn and started to spin around Alice and entered her body through her eyes.
The smoke stopped flow out of the urn and slowly it all entered into Alice and a second after that the last smoke had entered Alice, her eyes blinked deep red for a moment and she put on the lid.
“Are you free now Mr. Demon?” Alice asked nervously.
“Yes as free as I can be for the moment” The demon’s voice was closer within Alice head now then it had been before.
“So now we can be together forever right?” Alice asked and started stick on the talismans on the urn again.
“Yes that’s right; I will protect you from now on and as long time exists” The demon said and the last couple of words was left echoing through Alice head while slowly fading away.
Alice ran up the stairs as fast as she could to get through the darkness as fast as possible. She climbed up on the chair and pulled out the red book and turned it up standing, so the path way was closed by the book shelf again.
She dragged back the chair to the side of the door and placed the paper piles on it again so they created a mountain.
She went backwards while holding the door handle so the study room closed and jumped of happiness along the corridor towards the living room.
The living room door was opened and she could hear noises from within. “Grandpa” she thought and run inside the living room and screamed “Grandpa!” as she run through the door way but she stopped as she saw the scene in front of her.
A big man with black hair, long on one side and short on the other, a body that was out of portion, the same side that had short hair was thin and the side that had long hair was fat.
The man in front of her was sitting in a poodle of red liquid and the ice-cold eyes of Marie was staring towards Alice without blinking.
Alice had learned about death and its appearances through the stories that her Grandfather had told so she could clearly tell that Marie was dead. Murdered by the man, which wasn’t a man who was sitting in front of her.
In sadness of knowing that Marie would never wake up and her first time seeing death, she fell down on her knees with an ear breaking scream and tears started to fall from her eyes.
The man turned around and looked towards Alice with its blood drained face. Teeth that was sharp like fangs, lack of nose and the eyes lacked light, a pair of eternal abyss’ of darkness.
“Girl?” It said and lean his head to the right. “I love the taste of small little girls” It licked itself around its mouth and made the snow-white skin under blood visible.
The tears stopped flow from Alice eyes as she heard the being speak and she knew that she was going to be killed. No it was even worse than killed she was going to be eaten. She lifted her head and looked straight at the being that had started to rise up and let its thick and thin arm hang down, lifeless.
“I am going to love this dessert” It said and rushed towards Alice.
Alice body had frozen, she wanted to run but she couldn’t. The thing came closer and Alice screamed for everything she got. She screamed so hard that her throat started to ache.
A window broke and a young boy rushed towards the being. With quiet footstep, the boy closed in to the being. As the being just was a half meter from Alice, the young boy kicked the being in the side so it fell to the floor rolling into the wall.
The boy stood in front of Alice facing towards the being. He had black hair that would go down about to the neck if it wasn’t tied up into a pony tail near the top of the head’s back and a pair of deep blue eyes. Wearing a sea blue jacket like clothing over his over body, which had arms wide enough to fit at least two and stretched to the wrist. Without any buttons the edges of the jacket was nicely folded over each other. The marine blue trousers, which as well was wide enough to fit two legs went over the jacket like clothing and the trousers was hold up by a sky blue belt like cloth which also hold the jacket folding at place. On the back of the jacket like clothing was a symbol written in black. He was holding a sword which only had one edge while the other was blunt.
The being came up on its feet, shouting. “Who in hell dares to interfere with my dessert?!” but as it saw the boy a smile spread over its lips and droll started to flow. “Oh it was a warrior boy huh. It has been a long, long time since I ate someone like you. All the others I have eaten are like appetizer in compare to you who is the main meal” it licked itself around its mouth again and charged.
The boy, with gentle steps, avoided the beings charged and slashed a deep cut in the thick arm of the being.
The being spun around and threw out its thin arm. The boy pulled up the sword so he could block but over rumpled by its power, he lost his foot grip and flew into the wall on the other side of the room. He lost conscious and slide down the wall and landed on the floor in a sitting position with the head hanging.
The being started to walk towards the boy but stopped as the room started to fill up with a smoke of colors and black letters. The smoke made its way over to the boy and went into the boy, through the eyes.
Confused, the being followed the opposite direction of the flow of the smoke and saw how the smoke flowed out of Alice eyes. “I don’t know what you are doing but I have a bad feeling about this so you will become another appetizer like all the others”
The last of the smoke come out of Alice’s eyes and she looked straight at the being with tear filled eyes as it came closer.
“Now then how should I enjoy eating you? Enjoy you slowly, eat you with haste or should I eat you whole?” The being said and licked its lips.
“You should do neither Mr. Glutton monster” The boy said while rising up. “You know if you only eat humans you will never get a good meal” He was looking towards the being with his deep red eyes.
“What?” The being said looking towards the boy “How come you can still stand and even more, why do you look even tastier now than before?”
“Because I am not a human, I am Mr. Demon” he said and smiled.
“That smile looks so tasty!” The being said and its eyes widened “I am going to eat you slowly!”
The being rushed towards the boy head on and as it came in the range of the sword the boy swung it and hit the being under its cheek and sent it flying.
“Ops I forgot that the sword had a blunt side” He said and turned around the sword and started to walk towards the being.
The being stood up again with its cheek broken but still moveable. “You are strong, so strong. I want to eat you even more now and sadly for you I am stronger than you” it mumbled, barely audible and once again rushed towards the boy.
“I am sorry but you are just a foolish weakling” the boy said and slashed the same place with the sword but this time, with the edge. A clean-cut the head was separated from the body and the being felled down to the ground. The body started to melt until only a poodle of water were left.
“Alice I am sorry but I need to leave for a long time but short in compare to the sleep I would have gone into without being freed” he said without turning around towards Alice.
“No! Mr. Demon you promised that you never would leave me alone, that we would be together forever!” Alice screamed out while the tears were still flowing.
“Alice I never promised that. I only promised that I would protect you as long as time allowed. But I will make it easy on you and take away all of the bad memories of this scene and of me. Let’s meet again ten years from now on your birthday of eighteen.” The demon said and disappeared out of the broken window.
Alice started to cry and bend together as compact as she could. She cried until she fell asleep.

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