Prologue part 1

A long, long time ago, before time had started to be count and the gods still didn’t exist. The land was separated in several big and powerful kingdoms that fighting through war with each other. Power, absolute power was what each kingdom was seeking and sacrificed thousands of lives without hesitation in the path to it for the ultimate kingdom of all, Utopia.

Deep in the kingdom Firthl, in one of its most beautiful and mighty cities lived a young boy in the peace that still the country hadn’t lost to the wars. This boy wasn’t like all of the others; he was an angel in the form of a human. Deep blue eyes of kindness, a smile that looked like it would cure sickness and a gentle touch that no one could hate. Family, beloved ones and friends, all was surrounding him like no other human in the peace that the wars still hadn’t ripped apart, but this was soon going to end.

At year 177 after the kingdom Firthl’s birth, it was invaded by the neighbor kingdom Derthos. It didn’t take long before Firthl’s weak defenses broke and Derthos’s armies marched to the core of the kingdom. As a warning, Derthos sent a rain down of burning arrows over the mightiest cities and burned them down to the ground without letting a single citizen survive. The boy, as an angel in form of a human, survived and saw with his own eyes his family, friends and beloved ones burn down together with his home.
The boy left the kingdom Firthl that, quickly, had started to become one with the kingdom of Derthos. He had lost his angel like signs. His deep blue eyes was now dull as a human’s, the touch normal and sharp, and his smile was one that could lie as easy as any other human’s smile. In the great neighbor country, Hitrok, he settled down in a small village that was peaceful and by becoming a normal human he was quickly able to recover from his sadness and loneliness. New beloved ones and new friends replaced the old ones and soon his life was like anyone else except that more tragedies were awaiting him. A year passed and one of the greatest wars was dawning, as the kingdom Derthos was marching towards the borders. The taxes grew sky-high without a warning and one by one was taken away to the armies, as they were unable to pay the taxes.

At the front lines he was forced to fight together with his friends and beloved ones. They lived through one battle after the other and rose in rank rapidly. The dull blue eyes of the boy had now lost all of its color to the battle field and just before the last battle that would decide everything all of his friends were killed by fellow soldiers. His eyes turned to a dull red color and while holding his rage in, he went out to the battlefield there he let all of his rage out in full power.
One soldier fell after the other, allies and foes, that didn’t matter to the boy anymore, and for each one he killed his eyes turned more and more deep red.
This moment was the birth of the demon. The battle ended with a result that no one could have guessed of, both sides had been completely destroyed with only one survivor, the boy whose eyes had turned deepest red. Those eyes are today called ‘demon eyes’.
The boy, that now was referred to Demon, would now appear from nowhere at battlefields and slay every human his blade were able to reach.

Kingdoms sent out troops to eliminate the Demon but without success, Arrows wouldn’t reach, magic hadn’t any affect and swords were unable to touch it. Under the five years that the five last great kingdoms birth, the demon would appear on the battlefield.
Hundreds of thousands of soldiers had been killed by the invincible demon and a decision was made between the five kingdoms to kill the demon, by attacking it with each kingdom’s greatest army at the same time.
The plan was carried out; a black curtain covered the sky as arrows were launched from every direction towards the demon. The demon swung his sword through the air and by the wind blow created from the swing; he cut through the curtain so not a single arrow would hit him.
After the rain of arrows had rained, the foot soldiers rushed towards the demon with their weapons high, just to get cut down as they came in the demon’s blades reach.
The battle was a massacre and soldiers fled for their life as one soldier after the other was killed.
Then five knights wearing glorious armors and bearing holy weapons stepped forth, challenging the demon in a short match that ended with that the demon killed them without a single scratch.
All hope had been taken away from the army as the five strongest warriors had fallen like any other soldier, but out of nowhere an old man appeared, wearing a black robe. By using the new kind of magic, black magic, the man sacrified his life and resurrected the five knights that had fallen into one single being.
The power of the new resurrected dark hero had a power that was tens of times bigger than as they were separated. The battle between the dark hero and the demon continued for days.
And after five days of fighting, the battle finally ended, the demon had lost its right arm and greatly weakened but the dark hero had been unable to avoid the demon’s blade.
Just before the dark hero lost its life he used his five souls of the knights and sealed the weakened demon in five parts, right arm, heart, head, body and soul. Each of the five kingdoms achieved the duty to protect one part of the demon each and it was the greatest spiritual family in each kingdom that got the duty.

“No one knows if the demon was really a demon or a human since no one has had courage to see if any part of the demon’s body still was untouched by time’s destruction.” The old man breathed out heavily and took a deep breath before he directed his eyes once again towards his granddaughter. “I have told you our family’s story now so I am free do go now, right?”
“I can’t break a promise but I still don’t want you to leave, grandpa” The little girl said and looked directly into her grandfathers eyes.
“Don’t worry, I will be back because this little cute lady is waiting for me to return” He patted the girl on her head. “I will be back before you know it” Carefully he placed a brown hat on his head and went out of the living room, leaving the small girl alone in the big living room.
The small girl sat alone in the red couch, looking into the fire of the open fireplace. Tears were flowing down her cheeks from her eyes there the flames were reflected. The fire spread an unstable light over the dark room, the windows was covered by yellow curtains that the evening sun’s light was unable to penetrate. The tears soon advanced to a crying and her eyes was taken away from the fire and hidden down in her knees.
“Alice, why are you crying?” A young male voice said.
“Because I don’t want to be alone in this big house” The girl answered without looking up.
“Alice, you aren’t alone, you have me don’t you?”
The girl lifted on her head and dried her tears. “Yeah, that’s right, Mr. Demon”
“Alice, why are you always calling me demon?”
“Because my grandpa and everyone else says that you are a demon”
“But because they think I am a demon doesn’t mean that you have to”
“Are you saying that Grandpa is laying to me?!” She yelled out angry.
She didn’t get a reply and a second later the door to the living room opened and a young, brown-haired maid come in.
“Is something wrong, Young lady”
The girl climbed down from the couch and went around it so she was looking towards the maid. “No nothing at all”
“Isn’t there someone else here? I thought I heard you talk to someone” The maid said worried as she looked around the room
“I talked to teddy” The girl said and stretched out the teddy towards the maid. “We didn’t have the same opinion so I got a little angry”
“Oh is that so” The maid said and sighted of relief. “But you know, a young lady shouldn’t yell or scream”
“I know Marie” She went forth to the maid and grabbed her hand while looking up at her face. “Can you make some warm milk to me and some cookies?”
“If you promise that you will go to bed like a good young lady afterwards”
“I promise” The girl answered as she was led out of the living room

The sun light overflowed Alice’s bedroom as Marie pulled away the curtains from the windows. By irritation Alice eyelids started to move and she were pulled out of her deep slumber.
“Young lady, it is time to go up” Marie said as she had pulled apart all the curtains and opened up a window to let in some air.
Alice made a couple of noises and sat up in the bed. ”Marie…”
“Is Grandpa coming home today?”
“Young lady, he just left yesterday evening, you need to be patient. Now get out of the bed so I can change your clothes” Marie said as she pulled out a blue dress from the closet.

Alice was sitting on the swing that was hanging down from one of the branches of the oak in the garden. The morning had passed quietly and slowly. Lonesome, she swung back and forth on the swing with her teddy in her knee.
“Emm…  Mr. Demon can you hear me?” She asked unsure with a quiet voice.
“What is it Alice?” The demon answered with a low voice.
“Why haven’t you talked to me this morning?”
A silence followed with just the weak sound of the wind blowing through the oak’s crown.
Alice stopped the swing and looked down onto the ground with a sad look “Is it because I got angry yesterday?”
“Alice, that isn’t why I have been quiet” His voice was even lower now than before.
“Then why aren’t you talking to me?” She hugged the teddy tightly. “I am lonely”
“I know that you are lonely Alice and I apologize for not talking to you but I am starting to get tired. I have been awake for five hundred years now and I need to go to sleep soon”
“Are you not sleeping? Is that why you need to sleep?” Her voice got lowered and a tone of sadness appeared in it “But it is alright, you can go to sleep for a day f you want. I can handle one day being completely alone”
“I know you will handle that since you are a strong girl Alice but the sleep I need to sleep is a long one and as I go to sleep we may never be able to talk with each other again”
“Just don’t go to sleep then!” Alice yelled with a sad voice.
“I am unable to do that”
“Then I won’t let you go to sleep!”
“How are you going to do that?” The demon asked curious and enjoyed.
“I will take the urn with the demon soul and knock loudly on it several times each day so you won’t be able to sleep!” She said with a determined voice.
“That won’t help me stay awake. It may just make me sleep longer but how do you know I am in an urn?”
“Because it was in one of stories Grandpa told me. The arm is covered in bandage, the head is in a box, the body is in a chest, I don’t remember what the heart was in and the soul is in an urn”
“But if you really want me to stay awake I can tell you how”
“By signing a contract with me”
“You mean like one of those demon contracts that is in grandfather’s stories?”
“Yes, something like that but it is still a little different, you will let me out of the urn which I am sealed and provide me with a place to live and in return I will protect you for all eternity?”
Alice smile widely and nodded “I will free you and then we can be together forever” and she ran through the garden to the front door.


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