Hello everyone, I am Markus. Through this blog, I wish to present everyone an original story which I am writing for my school project.

The setting is based on the real world spanning many eras. To make it more interesting and fun to read, I will add fantasy elements to the story. Making it grander and larger than life. A fantastic adventure for all of us to experience!

The protagonist is a Demon who embarks on journey to find his true self, his true strength and awaken one day to become a true Demon. But as all journeys go, his adventure is long and tedious one. I request you all to be part of this adventure and help him succeed and attain his full potential.

Places and people may have the same name as places and people that has existed in history or exists but none of it is the same as it was in reality. their personalities and surroundings is completely made out of my own mind and ideas so it will fit the story.

I will try my best to post a new chapter every Friday. I need all your support and if you are able to acess Facebook then you can find my page as a author with this link:
I hope you all will like my story.

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